Migrating from self hosted to hosted


I have been using self-hosted invoice ninja for some time (using softaculous) after massive headaches I finally managed to get it to work. I just ran the updated and it asked me to set it all up again. I just can’t deal with the hassle!
I have the Mysql dump of all the info, is there a way to migrate it to my new account with inv. ninja online?


You can transfer from v5 sefhosted to hosted using the JSON export. We don’t support importing from a mysqldump but you may be able to use it to restore a selfhosted instance.

I have sworn off of self hosted. I just cannot deal with the hassle. Plus, it will be easier to just upgrade with you guys when needed and let you take care of it all.

I exported the data as csv but it is coming through all weird…

Also, there is no option to import users? (that were attached to each client)

Are you able to try the JSON export? It should work better than CSV.

I don’t believe user import is supported.

i have exported the database from phpmyadmin as .json. It first said it had to be zipped. So i zipped it. After the upload there is no error or success message and nothing is showing.

You would need to use the JSON export in the app for it to work correctly.

What problems are you seeing using CSV?

I am having to seperate each company into ti’s own CSV. Even then the import is not accurate.

I am trying to reinstall invoice ninja via softaculous so i can lgog in and transfer the data, however now I am getting the error:
The following errors were found :

  • Required PHP extension not found : bcmath
  • Required PHP extension not found : gd
  • Required PHP extension not found : curl
  • Required PHP extension not found : zip
  • Required PHP extension not found : gmp
  • Required PHP extension not found : mysqli

at install. This happened last time and I had a hell of a time fixing it. Which is why i want to leave slef hosted.

Can you explain what you mean by ‘not accurate’, you may need to adjust the data or change the field mapping.

It looks like the PHP extensions need to be enabled.

i am using plesk so php extensions is rather difficult to get around. I got very stuck last time.

I have managed to get the old selfhosted online to export data, but the mail settings are not working. Is there somewhere in the hosting files that the json is stored for me to access?

The config is stored in the .env file in the root folder of the project.

This is where my previous issue happened. I edited the env file but apparently softaculous sets it up somehow otherwise and was still using my old database which got lost when i closed the server down.

I can export the json from the recovered self hosting inv. ninja, but i cannot get the emails to work. Is there somewhere that the exported json from within the app is stored or is it only emailed and no copy is kept on the server?

@david can you please advise?


We can perform a migration for you if you like. We’d need a copy of the DB and we’ll provide a .zip file that you can upload.

If you’d like to email us contact@invoiceninja.com we can discuss further.