Migrated to v5 now getting errors

I am testing migrating my two INv4 instances from a self-hosted v4.5.49 on a regular LAMP stack server to a v5 docker install. I followed the directions on the github and have done the migration. All my invoices, clients, and all appear to be there. However any time I go in to a client to try to create a quote or invoice I get this error:

`422: The given data was invalid.

• The selected client id is invalid.`

Also, the pdf does not generate anything. The only thing I changed in the docker-compose file is the ports for the host side and I made the usernames/passwords for mysql more complex but they match and have no characters that need escaping. I see no errors in the logs that jump out to me on either issue.

I am running behind a nginx proxy if that makes a difference.


Are you able to use the network tab in the browser console to see what client id is being sent with the request?

@david do you have any thoughts?

I think we’ll need to see the payload being sent up to the server, something sounds off.

This is the strangest thing. I have done literally zero to the instance since posting this. I get in to work this morning and was going to check that you suggested about the network tab in the browser console and lo and behold it seems to be working properly now. The one thing I did see odd before was the logs and browser was showing http://domain… when I clearly had https://domain… set in the env file. Now it appears to have figured it out that it is indeed https://… Maybe it got scared and thought I was going to delete it for the 12th time. :smile:

I am going to go through the rest of the functions and see if everything still works. Then I can finally ditch my v4 install and repurpose that server. Thanks for the help.