Migrate data from 2.6.10 vm to 3.2.1 docker


I have invoiceninja 2.6.10 in an old VM that I don’t recall much about. Something in the VM recently broke, gives an error about a bad gateway or something. I would like to migrate my data from VM to a working docker instance (“docker-compose up” in the example/ subdirectory fron invoiceninja’s github).

I did a mysqldump the ninja database in the VM and restored it in the docker instance. I get two errors regarding an ‘invoices.is_public’ column being missing.

Can I migrate date from 2.6.10 to 3.2.1? Is ninja the correct database to migrate or do I need others?

The erorrs are seen when accessing invoiceninja with a web browser, not during the sql restoration.

You should be able to migrate using mysqldump, you’d need to also copy over the .env file.

Try clearing storage/logs/laravel-error.log, reloading the database backup and then loading /update.

If it fails please email laravel-error.log to contact@invoiceninja.com.


I began with a fresh docker instance, copied over the env, restored the database, and accessed /update. It worked great.

Great to hear!