Mexico - accept payments in Oxxo

Hello there,

My business operates in Mexico, I just started using Invoice Ninja and so far… love it!

There are a few things that I have yet figured out how to do. In Mexico, we have Oxxo… it is like our version of 7-Eleven. For accepting cash payments… it is the best way. I’m trying to find a gateway that accepts Oxxo Payments… essentially that can generate the barcode that when paid, will tell invoice ninja that they payment was succesful and automaticallty update my clients details. Unfortunately… Stipe’s Oxxo integration is still in Beta and is way above my programming knowledge and it doesn’t show up as an option with the current stripe API integrated in Invoice Ninja (only accepts card payments or bank transfers).

2checkout in theory also does Oxxo, however, 2 checkout is very expensive 4.5% comission, plus 0.45 cents per transaction on top of what Oxxo charges.

We have tried a Zapier connection with WooComerce and other payment gatways but no luck.

Has anyone on here had a similar problem/solution? Or can someone a bit more tech savvy point me in the right direction.