Matching transaction via the React web app

Invoice Ninja Version: 5.10.4
Install Method: Docker on Unraid

I’m not sure if this is something I’m missing, but on the Flutter based web-ui my process was:

  1. Create a transaction matching a bank deposit/withdrawal (if I have a lot, then I’ll import a CSV)
  2. Use the Create Payment / Create Expense workflow to then match that transaction with an invoice, or create an expense for it

The second step doesn’t seem possible in the new React web-app, or I’m missing it. Is it something that is coming, just has not yet been migrated over?

Currently, I have to either not use transactions, which is fine just quite like matching my bank statement, or add it via the web-app then process it on my phone. I could use the desktop app but I do quite like the UI of the React app over Flutter.


@david @ben can you please advise?

@terbe @hillel

should be very similar to the flutter ui, are you not seeing the slideover?

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@david Ahh I am. It shows if I click the deposit or withdrawal column. Thank you!