Marking Expenses as "Paid"

I can’t seem to get expenses to go from Pending to Paid. Is there a trick to this I am missing…?

Once the invoice is paid it should automatically update.

To clarify, if it’s pending I assume ‘Billable’ is checked.

To get to paid you’d need to invoice the expense and then enter a payment for the invoice.

OK. I think I’m doing it wrong then.

I created a new expense, did not check “billable” and it went to “Logged”. I think that’s right no…?

That sounds correct.

Good day.

Can I invoice an expense after I have already invoiced the client?
I previously wasn’t using the expense feature on the application but now that I’m trying to incorporate it I’m having an issue with connecting expenses with the invoices that correspond to them.

No, the app is designed to create the invoice for the client from the expenses.