Map expenses with invoice


Maybe I am missing the link, but I didn’t find it…

Is there any possibility to map expense with an invoice? I know there is a menu, link with invoice XXX, but this will change the invoice itself.

Usual way to work: creating an quote, ordering the Hardware, convert the quote to invoice, inserting the expense (or the other way round).
But if I am mapping the expense with that created invoice, it will change the invoice, what’s not practicable because the invoice is a copy from the quote.

Right now I am entering the invoice ID directly at my SLQ…


Selfhosted – V4.5.9
no error, just a question

I’m not sure the app will support your workflow. To link the expense to the invoice you’d create the expense and then invoice it to create the invoice (or add it to an existing invoice). We don’t support linking expenses to quotes.

Link expense to an already existing/sent invoice, without changing it would be helpful, because changing invoice after sending is not that good.