Manually Approve Quote

Is there a way to manually approve a quote and have it show up as “Approved” in invoices? I can’t allow my customers to approve by email as I require a Purchase Order. However, I would like to manually approve that quote and convert it to an invoice. That way I can track what is “booked” and billable. I’m currently converting to an invoice and then going into PHPMyAdmin and setting the invoice_status_id to 4 but that obviously is not ideal. I’m trying to find what file I can hack to enable this feature on the drop down of the invoice “Select”. Can you provide any guidance?


You could disable ‘auto-convert’ in the quote workflow settings on Settings > Invoice Settings and then approve the quote in the client portal.

Thanks. I found this to be more of a workflow problem on my end. I’m going to simply keep them as approved quotes now and customize my dashboard a bit. Appreciate the help and great software!