Manual Time Entry for Tasks as fractions of hour?


Is it possible to input time for tasks as a fraction of an hour using decimals, as opposed to entering the start date and start time/end time for each task?

What I mean is rather than having to go through the manual process of selecting date and start and end time for each task; just input the task as a simple "0.3’ or 1.5 or whatever the time it takes? having to input the start and stop time for each task manually adds a couple of steps to the process, when you’re breaking down your whole day into billable increments of time I’d rather not have to do that for each. The current billing solution I use does not require that.

A separate and related question – is it possible to print invoices without the breakdown of specific times that each task was performed? Just display the amount of hours for each task and not the timeframe in which it was completed.

Thank you! Cool product, keep up the great work.

This isn’t currently supported but we plan to add it in v2.

By default the time details are added but they can be manually removed.

Thanks very much for your prompt response.

When you say that the time details “can be manually removed” – do you mean going through line-by-line to delete them from the final invoice?

I’ve tried tweaking the invoice settings to remove the time details field, but it’s included within the “description” field, and from what I can tell, can’t be removed without removing the description field.

Thank you!

Second this request for the ability to enter time under a Task without specifying the start/end times.
It would make the Tasks functionality far more useful for service-based businesses where the client is not particularly concerned about when the work is performed, simply that the hours are fair & reasonable. Being able to hide the time breakdown from invoices (globally through the settings) and making start/end times optional for manually added tasks would greatly improve the usability of this feature.

Looking forward to this update being implemented in v2 of the Invoice Ninja software.

Thanks for your consideration!

Correct, currently in v1 you’d need to manually edit each line item in the invoice.