Managing users and companies

Hello I have a few questions:

  1. How do I delete a user? I have one company with 2 users and I want to delete one user.
  2. How does creating companies work? I want to have 2 companies which will have 2 different users. How can this be done? When I create a new company it will say guest for company and guest for user.
  3. How can I delete a company? I have create a few just to see how it works but have unlinked accounts at /manage_companies.


  1. To enforce referential integrity we don’t support deleting users, they can only be archived.
  2. Each company needs to be confirmed with it’s own email address after which ‘Guest’ should be removed.
  3. You can delete a company using /settings/account_management


  1. No way to delete them from the database? I have created a few accounts just to test the app. No big deal if it’s not possible. I can delete the instance and reinstall the app.

  2. What do you mean by confirmed? Please give more info because I don’t seem to get it.

Also can one account manage many companies?

  1. I’d suggest starting from scratch. The tables are setup to cascade delete, deleting the user would also delete any data it created.

  2. If you see ‘Guest’ there should also be a ‘Sign Up’ button, you need to click it and register the user.

Sorry I still don’t understand what you mean. There is no sign up for me. Can you please explain how can someone create a company? Also can only one user manage many companies?

I am using v2.8.1 downloaded from

In that case you should be able to set the user’s details on /settings/user_details

One user will be the owner but an additional user can be added as an admin to both companies.

Did it using your instruction but there is no password field. Also when i click change password, it asks me to add the current password which doesn’t exist for a new user. I think there should be a detailed doc with pictures on how to do this. I still don’t know how to do it even that i have been testing for an hour now.

This part of the app needs to be reworked, hopefully in a future release.

You don’t need to set the password of the second user as you can login as the first and switch to the second company. If you’d like to set a password you can logout and use the /recover_password page.

If you are having diffulties with used up emails or user names, edit the user name and change the email to bogus email then save. then you can archive it if you wish as it is not possible to delete for some unknown reason. Then go and edit the user or create a new user with the email you have just replaced. I had the same problem hope this fixes the issue you are having.

I have users that when I updated the site to 4.5.1, none of my users have permissions and when I update them it reverts back to no permissions. Any help?

okcdadof4 it sounds like the database migration has not run when you upgraded.

can you try

php artisan migrate

and then could you please let us know what the column type is for the permission column in the users table please.