Make it easier for single customer to pay invoice

I have one customer that claims to have trouble every month logging in, says they can’t login and password resets don’t work. This was on v4 hosted. I’m now on v5 hosted.

Hoping this won’t happen anymore in v5. Although I have seen actual login issues just like this in v4 myself, I mean I have duplicated this very issue with more than one user account in v4, I also know this customer is very tough to deal with and seems to make every excuse to not pay on time and/or bash us and complain about anything and everything.

My goal here is to make it as simple as possible for them to pay their invoice.

Is it possible to just allow them to click on the invoice and pay it without the need to enter any login info?

I see an option in v5 that says Password Protect Invoices, I think there is a global option but this is NOT what I want for all customers, just this one or maybe a few. I tried setting this option to enabled instead of “Use Default”. After changing this and clicking save for the test customer, I tried clicking on the button in the emailed invoice which says “View Invoice” but then it just takes me to a login screen.

I also tried generating a new invoice after the setting was in place and the same issue.

Any ideas? Thank You.


If you want a contact to click a link and not enter a password then you would want this feature disabled for the client.

That actually makes perfect sense, I don’t know why I thought enabled was the correct option.

Still requires login when you click on the “View Invoice” button in the customer email.

When I click on a “View Payment” button from a customer email received after a payment was made, this works and no log in is required.

@david @ben any thoughts?

I’d need to see a full link, (you can email us the link) as without password protection you should be taken directly to the invoice.

OK I just sent it through the email link in Invoice Ninja v5 interface.

When I received the email, I clicked it and it let me know but this is because I was already logged into that customer portal from earlier today. To make sure it was working, I logged out of the customer portal then tried clicking the link again from the email and it required me to log in.

I then took the same link and went to another browser where I have NEVER logged into a client portal with IN and pasted the link and navigated to it and it required me to log in.