Mail (reminders, invoices, payments,...) send twice

I’m using Invoice Ninja v4.1.5 and I get the notification of my clients that they receive everything twice in their mailbox.

Does anyone has also this issue and maybe a fix? :slight_smile:

Can you check you aren’t running the send reminders cron more than once a day.

Good question, but no, my cron is running once a day (morning). Also, when I receive a payment and I send them the confirmation that I’ve received their payment (checkbox) they receive them also twice :-/

Does the client have multiple contacts? The emails are sent to each checked contact email address.

Unfortunately not, only 1 e-mail adres per client and no multiple contacts connected to it.

Maybe an issue of outlook? I’m using Outlook for sending via SMTP.

You may want to try testing with a different email provider.

I’ll try :wink: