Mac OS beta app - email previews missing

Working with v 5.0.57 (57)
When generating or updating an invoice using Send Invoice or editing an existing template in Emails and Reminders clicking the Preview tab no longer displays a Preview.


Yeah… it’s the main reason we’re still calling the desktop apps ‘beta’, we hope it will be supported by the framework we’re using soon but we don’t control the schedule.

Thanks Hillel, always love your product and am typically using the iPadOS or web versions although delighted to be invited to download the MacOS beta app. I assumed you do want beta feedback so that you are aware of challenges with it. If you prefer not to get beta user feedback then let me know so that I don’t waste your time with any more challenges I have come across - not only in the MacOS app but also with the web version.

(I say this as a current alpha tester of Anytype and a beta tester of other apps - plus a previous career as a Systems Analyst).

Thank, that’s great to hear!

Feedback is very much appreciated we just happen to know about this particular issue already. Other than that everything else should work in the beta desktop app.

Just checking to see if the path to implementation has become any clearer.