Looking for iOS and Android beta testers for the new mobile app

The new mobile app is available for Android users to test using this link:


If you’re interested in beta testing the app on an iOS device please send an email to contact@invoiceninja.com.

Note: the app is currently only available to self host users and requires the latest version of the web app (v4.5.4).

The source code for the new app is available here:


If you installed an earlier version of the Android beta app you will need to delete it and install the new app. Sorry for the trouble, we needed to change the application id to be able to use the same id in the Apple App Store.

Haven’t had a chance to really mess with it a whole lot, but there are a couple of things that stick out to me.

  1. It would be nice if we could create and view quotes in the mobile app. There doesn't appear to be a way to do that at current.
  2. I'm guessing the iOS version was developed first and then ported to Android? I mention this because the app only responds to the Home button, and not Back. It's a small thing, but likely to drive Android users up the wall if the only way to navigate is through the UI, and the only way to leave the app is from the Home button. I'd suggest having it function something like this:
    • The first press of the Back button closes whatever menu is open (if any).
    • If no menu is open, the button takes you back to the Dashboard.
    • If you're at the Dashboard, the back button leaves the app (which is standard behavior in Android, IIRC).

Thanks for the feedback! Please keep it coming.

  1. Which version of the app are you using? We added quotes in the latest version. Note: you need to delete the app and reinstall it to update (we had to change the app id to support iOS and Android).


  1. Thanks, I didn’t realize that. I only use an iPhone and thought it was strange that the back button closed the app so added code to prevent it. I’ll reconsider it…

Just realized I was using 0.1.10. Got the latest and I see where quotes have been added now.

Any way the average invoice on the dashboard could be rounded to two decimal places instead of four?

Also, huge thanks for a dark mode option!

Great to hear! I’m also a fan of dark mode :slight_smile:

FYI… we plan to rework the dashboard before going live with the app.

Agree with @Titanfail with the back button function going back to dashboard. Could also use back button to close the menus.

Dashboard is not loading for me, just perpetual loading icon.

Deserializing error when viewing client activity.

Filter options are a bit ambiguous, nothing to show that you can change the option to ascending/descending. A sort icon instead of a radio button might be good. The default sort order puts the oldest items at the top.

When viewing an invoice the items have 4 decimal places.

Really easy to use, the amount of information you managed to put in the app while making it look so light is brilliant, and +1 for dark mode…

Thanks for the feedback!!

Can you please email a screenshot of the deserializing error to contact@invoiceninja.com, I think it may also explain the problem with the dashboard.

It should say ‘ascending’ or ‘descending’ once it’s sorted, I’ll check that the default sort order is corrected in the next release.

Can you also please send a screenshot showing the 4 decimal places.

That’s great to hear! We’re just getting started :slight_smile:

Screenshots have been emailed.

It does say ascending/descending, however at first glance this just looked informative, it was not clear that you could change it. (Well, not clear to me anyway) I suppose the fact it says what order it is sorted in should have given me a clue…

Could do with a tab on the client page to show if there are tasks, with link to open the app.

Thanks, understood. Tapping a selected radio item to have an effect breaks UX convention, we’ll try to improve it.

We plan to add support for tasks (and all of the other modules) over the coming months. To provide a sense of progress/velocity so far we’ve been working on the app for about 5 months. You can see the roadmap here:


Just noticed you can`t login if there is no internet connection, failed host lookup.
Can this not be stored on device for offline use?

Once you’ve logged in the app attempts to store data for offline use. You can test this by logging in, manually closing the app and then restarting it.

If the app fails to load the state (or you install a new version of the app) you’d see the login screen.

Got it…

I logged out, then lost internet connection and could not log back in until I had a connection again.

I see, that would explain it. If you log out of the app we clear all of the locally stored data.