Looking for a developer to integrate a brazilian payment system

I’m using Invoice Ninja to run most of my billing now, and I’ve started managing subscriptions to my services as well.

In Brazil most people opt to pay their subscriptions via boleto (kind of a payment slip). As Invoice Ninja does not have that payment integration, I need to use yet another system to track and send these boletos - which then I have to manually input on Invoice Ninja.

So I’m looking to pay for a developer to integrate Paghiper into Invoice Ninja. You can check their API here: https://dev.paghiper.com/reference

What I need this integration to do is:

  • When a new invoice is generated automatically via a subcription, the module will need to send billing data to Paghiper so it can register and generate the boleto. The boleto will be returned by Paghiper as a nicely formatted web page and will need to be stored as a PDF file.
    (For those who don’t know what a boleto is, here is what it looks like: https://www.boletobancario.com/boletofacil/img/boleto-facil-exemplo.png)
  • The integration will then have to attach this boleto to the email notification sent by Invoice Ninja, either as a separate file, or attached to the bottom of the PDF invoice. If that’s not possible, then a link to the boleto should be added to the email notification body.
  • When payment is received (usually 2 days later) Paghiper will fire off a notification back to the module so Invoice Ninja can mark that invoice as paid.

Additionally, that same boleto will need to be acessible in the View Invoice page. I already have Paypal set up, so we will have another option there where the customer will view the previously generated boleto, or generate a new one if the boleto is past due date.

As I’m running a website maintenance business I investigated the possibility of using WHMCS. I have briefly tested this and Paghiper even has a module developed by themselves that already do exactly all of the above very nicely Check out their code: https://github.com/paghiper/whmcs.

“So why not just use WHMCS instead?” Well, for one WHMCS is overkill for me. It is really geared towards a hosting business automation, which is not exactly what I offer. It has way too many features for me, and I would end up using only the billing part and not the automation part, so in effect I would be paying way too much for my needs.

Also, if I were to switch to WHMCS I would like to bring past invoices into it. While WHMCS allows manually adding invoices, there are simply too many of them. And in the end I would also need to integrate WHMCS into Invoice Ninja since it’s in Invoice Ninja that I do all my management.

If anyone’s interested in this, please drop me a line.

You may want to submit a request here:


“Custom features from $1,000”

I understand we need to value professionals for their knowledge but that’s quite steep…

They’re a great company and well worth the fees they charge.

For a less expensive option maybe try upwork.com?