Long company name with special characters

I have a company that is 54 Characters long and contains & , .
It would not let me add a payment method to the customer in the client portal.
I made the company name shorter and removed the special characters and now everything works.
The error I received looked like it was from Auth.net API.

Since I have already changed the customer information I do not want to mess with this, but I though you should know as with a long name and special characters customers cannot pay invoices online or add payment methods.


Thanks for reporting this!

Since it’s gateway specific I’m not sure we should include the limitation in the app but it’s definitely noteworthy.

cc @david @ben

Thank you! Figured someone else may have this issue and wonder what is going on.

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Thanks for reporting this.

Can you please let me know which gateway it is?

The gateway is Authorize.net

@david do you know what could be an issue?

most likely when creating the customer record in authorize, authorize is throwing an error creating the customer. there must be some “illegal” character that they are refusing to allow.