Logo is moving from left to right in header on subpages

Hey, I’ve tried another image, but the problem still occurs.
After updating to 2.9.3 I can see it when I preview my invoice. The problem is the left margin. If left margin ml=30 on the following page ml=ml+ml.

On trello I saw, that invoiceNinja can create client IDs. But not when the self hosted? I have to manage it my own, don’t I?

Btw. Thanks for the german translation. But its not complete. Can I participate to translate?

The self host version has the same features, changes listed in the ‘Ready’ column in Trello will be included with the next release.

You can help with our translations here: https://www.transifex.com/invoice-ninja/invoice-ninja/



Could you solve the logo problem? I have the very same problem on my custom template.


Hey Stefan,

I installed the newest version and have the problem as ever. :frowning:
My workaround until Hillel solved the issue:
Header on the first page with the footer, on the following Pages footer only. But I am missing page-numbers :frowning:
How far is the solution process!?

Are you seeing the problem with the standard designs or just the customized one?

In my case it is only with the customized design. Even with the new version the logo is moving the value of the left margin.

If the problem is only with a customized design it’s unlikely a new version will fix the problem.

Can you try resetting that part of the design to see if you can figure out what’s different.

For me the problem occurs also with the standard bold design. (see screenshots)
First Page:

Second Page:

I think it may be related to this issue:


We recently tried to update to the latest version of the library but ran into this issue:


I’ve found changing the left margin to 0 for the image fixes it, a temporary workaround may be to include the left margin in the image file itself.

Ah I see. Thank for the suggested workaround I will try it today.
Did you see that there is a new version 0.1.25 from the pdfmake framework.
In the last versions there were some performance improvements… Maybe it was helpful.

pdfmake is waiting on a fix in pdfkit


Hey Guys,

pretty good to know, that the issue is going to be solved soon, I hope =). I will try the workaround with a margin in my image. Thanks Hillel and thanks Stefan for your research!


Ok I can confirm that the workaround with the margin did the job for me.
Thanks to Hillel for the suggestion and again thanks for the great software! :slight_smile:

Great to hear, hopefully this will be fixed soon…