Logo custom size not working

Hello, I’ve uploaded a 300x300 logo, so the quality is great in the emails, but it’s to big on the invoices/quotes. I’m trying to change the size of the logo in the Settings > Invoice Design > Logo Size, putting 50 percent, saving, but nothing change. I also tried in pixel, but it’s not working. Any idea ?

Thank you.


Which version of the app are you using?

Also, are you using a standard invoice design?

Version 5.6.0, I’m using the custom design. Do I have to go in the customize settings in the html area ?

If you change to a standard design does the setting work?

If you created your design before the feature was added you may need to copy over the relevant code from the standard design to your custom design.

Yea, if I go to “Plain” the logo size is working, the size for the font also, which was not…

Try adding this style on the includes tab for your custom design:

    .company-logo {
        max-width: $company_logo_size;

Thanks Hillel, I’ve just redone a quick custom design from the ''Clean" model.

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