Login failed due to weird error

I’m not sure what happen, yesterday was working fine, today suddenly the login failed with error.


Error :: ‘[currency_id, 21, timezone_id, 15, date_format_id, 15, military_time, true, l…’ to ‘minified:xG’ failed due to: Deserializing ‘false’ to ‘String’ failed due to: TypeError: false: type ‘minified:aqp’ is not a subtype of type ‘String’

My version [v5.6.5]


It’s hard to tell from the error what the problem is. If you want to temporarily add contact@invoiceninja.com as a user we can try to debug the problem for you.


Apparently it is due to client issue, the example API parameters that passed in the example is the problem. We followed the API example, apparently once we did that, this error will happen when login. We have to manually cleared it via DB to solve this problem.

Can you share which specific example you used?