List of all Multi-Company settings?

I have a couple of questions

1 - Is there a list anywhere of all of the settings we can control per company in a multi-company setup? For example, setting up different mail settings per company in the .env file?

2 - Is there a way to create additional users that can access all companies with a single login?


  1. You can see all of the possible configuration options in this folder, @david does v5 support per-company email settings?
  1. Yes, in v5 you can add a user to multiple companies

Can you explain how? Just to be clear, I am talking about users as a user from our company, not a client company. A user that is essentially a second ‘owner’ of of the InvoiceNinja install?


Per company emailers only supported using the inbuilt gmail API sending mechanism.

In v5 if you add a user with to a second company with a matching email the system will re-link the existing user.