Linked unique identifier for quotes and invoices

I’m working on integrating Invoice Ninja with HubSpot using Zapier. I can get Zapier to create new Deals in HubSpot based off a quote in Invoice Ninja, but my issue is that when I convert that quote to an invoice, I have no way of updating the Deal because from what I can tell there is no shared unique identifier. It appears that Invoice Ninja creates a new invoice that is not associated with the original quote from what I can tell. I’ve tried various things to find some connection that would allow me to update the deal, but I’m running into a wall here.

  1. So does anyone have any ideas on how to achieve this?
  2. Is there a shared ID that is accessible via the API that would allow me to link the quote and invoice?

Thank you,

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This article would imply that what I want exists, however it’s not what I’m seeing

Even though I have the option checked to share invoice/quote numbers, the invoice # is being incremented.


The system prevents a quote and invoice from having the same number which probably explains the behavior you’re seeing.

You can workaround this by setting either a quote or invoice prefix on Settings > Invoice Settings.

OK Thank you. So by setting my Quote prefix to Q, then modifying my Zap to search for Q$invoice_number I was able to achieve the goal I needed to. Thanks again for your help!

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Hello BHellman,

I’m trying to set up this same integration, currently stuck at getting a quote to create a new deal within a contact in hubspot. I’m able to create a deal based on new quote, but how do I assign this to a contact?

Eventual goal is to have quote create new deal, have invoice update deal, and have payment update deal.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!