Link to custom gateway


I’m using the CUSTOM GATEWAY option to show my bank account data to clients, as some of them would rather pay via direct deposit instead of credit card. And all is good, when the client views the invoice he can click on PAY and then on the custom gateway option to see a modal window with the data.

But would it be possible to have a link that will display that directly? I mean, in email templates I can use the $paypalLink variable so that Invoice Ninja creates a dynamic link that when clicked will redirect to Paypal. Would that same thing be possible but with the custom gateway, redirecting to the VIEW INVOICE page and automatically popping up that modal window?

It’s an interesting idea, we’ll keep it in mind…

No rush of course :smiley:

But when you’re at it, why not go all the way and let the custom gateway text editor use HTML formatting just like the email template editor? That would allow for some neat tricks.