Line Total sometimes doesn't update

First off I’d like to say thank you for this brilliant piece of software and for the work that you guys do.
I rarely come to this forum because I hardly ever have issues, and when I do come here, I always leave with a resolution to my problem. Thank you

Now i’m currently running the latest version on Invoice Ninja and we’ve been having this issue where when we’re doing quotes or invoices, the line total sometimes doesn’t update.
We’ve been unsuccessful in trying to consistently replicate the problem, this issue pops up on a whim and its not tied to any specific product (i.e. can happen to any product)

A video is probably the best way to show you what happens:

I’ve uploaded to both catbox and imgur for ease

But anyway, what happens is I start typing my product into the item column, it pops up with all relevant results and once I find what I want, I use my keyboard to highlight it and then press enter to select it
This mostly works because it will correctly fill out the Item, Description, Cost and Quantity fields
But its a hit or miss whether the total field will populate and we’ve had a few quotes where we didnt pick up on this issue.

The only way to work around this we’ve found is to just go back to the item field and retype the code and press enter again hoping for the total to populate.

System info:
Self hosted on Ubuntu server


Thanks for the video, it’s helpful!

Have you tried using the desktop app, I’d be curious to know whether it has the same problem.

If you prefer to use a web app we recommend using the new React web app, there’s an option to change to it at the top of the dashboard.