Line tax not totaling after update

I updated from 5.8.25 to 5.8.30 this morning. After the update all my invoices do not total the tax rates on the pdf. They show correct total sum in the invoice details but not on the generated pdf.

After a bunch of diagnosing i discovered that it is related to the discount setting on the invoice. I don’t use the discount option and have always had a default of “percentage” and this is not working after the update because tax is not added to total in the pdf. If i change it to “amount” then the taxes show up correctly.

Is this a bug in the update or are some of my settings wrong? I tried to test it on the invoiceninja demo but I cant seem to add tax to invoices on the demo.

We have a couple of thousand invoices being sent on friday. I guess i have to change all the invoices from percentage to amount in order for the tax to be correct on the invoice.


@david do you have any ideas?


can you share a screenshot, in particular what naming are you giving to the taxes


When my discount is set to “Amount” this is how the invoice is shown:

But when it is set to “Percentage” it is shown like this:

I changed all my invoices to “Amount” in the database and all the invoices look good.


Its difficult not seeing all of the variables you have configured here.

I need a full screenshot, or at least all of the details to recreate the issue ie.

discount amount/percentage and whether on line or total?
taxes inclusive / exclusive etc

We are using line tax. In this screenshot everything is working great. If i change the discount from “Amount” to “Percentage” the total in the invoice pdf does not include tax.


I have the same problem @silverpark is describing. This happened yesterday after updating to 5.8.30

FYI, we don’t use discounts at all. Even old invoices are miscalculated now.

I contacted yesterday with some screenshots.


Thanks, I am able to recreate this now, i’ll tag a new release with a fix.


I just updated to 5.8.31 but the problem still persist.

It shows as a calculation but not on the pdf.