Late Fees


We have a scenario where a client has multiple invoices overdue. Late fees are charged to only one invoice (multiple rows of late fees on said invoice) instead of each invoice individually. These multiple rows exceed the total count of overdue invoices.

I have taken some time to peruse the documentation and could not find any settings that may have been overlooked.

Could you kindly point me in the right direction? Or is this one of those undetected buggies perhaps?

Thank You

I’m not sure, can you reproduce the problem?

Repeat late fees

I’ve added image for better clarification perhaps? I cannot replicate this issue at this time…

I’m not sure, is it possible the send-reminders artisan command was run more than once per day?

Very possible indeed - artisan command does not mark late fees done and skip particular invoice on next run?

The reminders command should only be run once, if you run it multiple times it would send multiple reminders.

Perfect adjusted as per above - thanx Hillel