Language issue in the customer dashboard


I have two questions about the customer dashboard.

First, I can get a direct link to a specific invoice which brings the customer to his dashboard, but where can I get a direct link that goes directly to the dashboard? It would me an useful link that I would like to connect into my product control panel.

Second, when the customer click on the invoice links, it will bring him to a french page. That’s okay. But as soon as he clicks elsewhere like “Dashboard” it brings him back to english. How can I ensure, he’s always in french? The language is correctly setup in the customer profile.


  1. It’s not yet supported, we hope to add it in the future.

  2. That sounds like a bug, we’ll look into fixing it.

2. That sounds like a bug, we’ll look into fixing it.

any update on this?

I want to set the login to Indonesian, but it keeps in English.

Thank you

Which version are you using?

To update the login screen you’d need to set APP_LOCALE in the .env file

that helps, thank you

The process worked for me, but now with the new version v5, I do not see APP_LOCALE in the .env file. How could I solve it?