Just a Friendly Hello

Hello all i have been setting up and using the selfhosted version of Invoice Ninja, and i just have to say i am very pleased and impressed. I have used too many to mention invoicing/accounting packages over the last decade, and it is already pretty clear that Invoice Ninja is going to become my new Invoicing system.

After only one day i have it setup to a usable state, just have to import my clients from my old system and I think i am ready to start sending invoices.

Seriously everywhere i look this project just make me happy

Self Hosted :slight_smile:
Opensource :slight_smile:
Active Forum :slight_smile:
Documentation :slight_smile:
Cool name and website :slight_smile:
Client Portal :slight_smile:
Modern Clean Sensible Intuitive design :slight_smile:
Recurring Invoices :slight_smile:
Expenses :slight_smile:
Google Maps :slight_smile:
… and more as it has only been a couple of hours :slight_smile:

Even some little things that have plagued me on other systems or done right on Invoice Ninja

Clickable links for all important fields :slight_smile:
Sortable Columns :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance now i am off to get try to get favorite custom font installed :slight_smile:

PS one thing that would really put Invoice Ninja over the top would be item images included in the invoices, and i see/commented that it already on the Todo list :slight_smile: Invoice Ninja is almost to good to be true

Thanks for the kind words!

We hope to add product images in the future but (to set proper expectations) our to do list is quite long…