Items table width

Is it possible to change width of columns for the items table?

For example, I would like to enlarge the 1st one : Product columns.
And reduce last ones : Price + Quantity + Total columns (they really take too much space)

It’s explained in this video:

Great ! Thank you

One more question then.

Line items table has 5 columns (Product + Description + Price + Quantity + Total).
And a 6th column is added for Discount, when item has a discount.

With customized columns width, it creates a gap (on right side of the table) when Discount column does not exist.

Is there any way to have the Description column for e.g. in auto width?

This is my code :

    "style": "invoiceLineItemsTable",
    "table": {
      "headerRows": 1,
      "widths": [
      "body": "$invoiceLineItems"

Maybe try creating two separate designs?

Oh, that’s a good idea! Thanks.

In this way, I can have a template with discount column and another one without.
But… issue is the same for quotes.
Would you consider adding a 4th custom template?

It’s more likely we’ll implement a better solution for defining the widths to handle column differences.

We’ll keep it in mind…

That would be great indeed!

The thing would to have the possibility to settle at least one column in auto-width.

I tried “auto” and “*” for the Description column, hoping it would be adapted if we have Discount column or not.
But does not work, table is always shorter than full-width when there is no Discount on any product.

Actually, I tried to create 2 templates, with different table widths according to Discount column presence.

But it creates a bug in invoice preview (everywhere on the app).

Because to have Discount column on one template, it must be activated/shown on Invoice settings > Product fields.
Then on template for table with this discount column, we have 6 widths.

But on the other template, if we enter only 5 widths, it creates a bug.
I tried with 6 widths, adding “auto”, “*” and “0%”. Nothing works.

Noted, we’ll try to correct this in a future release.