Item price with more decimal places then two


I am charging for an item that has more decimal places then two per unit(minute). When I add the item with a price $0.0125 after I save or email the invoice the item price reverts back to $0.01. Is there a fix for this?


Which version of the app are you using?

I am using the hosted Pro version.

Correction. The price stays the same after I save/email the invoice, but when I create a new invoice with the same item, the default price comes up as $0.01. And I have to manually correct it. I do this every end of the month and I do around 20-30 invoices. it would be very convenient if theres a fix for this.

It looks like a bug, we’ll make sure it’s corrected in our next release.

One workaround may be to disable ‘auto-update’ on Settings > Products

The disable ‘auto-update’ workaround did not help. No problem. I can wait till the next release.