Issues with Setup

Hi, I’m trying to switch to Invoice Ninja, as I like that the processing fees can be paid by the customer, but when my invoices are marked as paid, the emails are not sent to my clients. I have the manual payment email and the online payment email enabled, but the emails are still not being sent. Can anyone help with this?

Also does anyone know a work around for the paid invoice PDF’s to have “Paid” or “Receipt” or a payment method applied to the invoice such as “Paid on 2/8/22 with check #123”? I understand this is not automated by Invoice Ninja but I was thinking someone may have a work around for it.

And roughly 25% of the emails to the client never make it to the client (junk/spam/trash folders included), the email logs show everything is good on Invoice Ninja’s end, but it still doesn’t help with the clients not getting the emails. Does anyone know what’s happening here?

Any help would be very appreciated. Thank you very much.


I think I was helping you on Reddit, thanks for posting here!

@david what’s the timing on adding the payment variables?

There may be more info on the system log tab of the client overview. If you have a Gmail account the paid plans support sending directly from your own account.


The variable

$payments will be available in the next release. It will have the format:

Payment Received: 09/Feb/2022 :: $134.00 :: Credit Card

Date / Amount / Payment Type

@hillel thanks. I just have the trial version now. I’m still testing it out to make sure that it works for us and our clients. If we can get the payment emails figured out I think we’d be good to go. And we will start sending them out of a gmail account. Do you know when the next release will be?

We plan to deploy the next release to production on Sunday

Cool, thanks. Do you know how I can get help with the emails?

There may be more details about the email problems in the client’s system log tab.

If you setup Gmail I would think it shouldn’t be an issue.

Unfortunately, I do not understand the coding/script, or whatever it is in the system log tab. It looks like my email is the recipient instead of the clients email. Which explains a lot, and I’ve asked someone through but I haven’t got an answer to.