Issue with setting up ZIP-TAX

Hi you all.

I need your assistance to help me setup the zip-tax

I signup with them, added the ZIP_TAX_KEY=“xxxxxxxxx” to the .env file, configured the tax section, but it still not working, I checked my account with zip-tax, and is no requested registered there.

Thank you


Which version of the app are you using?

Do you see any requests being made to Zip Tax?

no requests, the only 2 up there I did manually

I also just Updated the system , no changes

Have you tried re-saving the client?

Just re-save, client, invoice, new invoice, and nothing, what can I do?

@david do you have any suggestions?

Are your company details / Address correctly displaying your location?

The system needs to also calculate your tax data for Origin purposes. So you may want to confirm that the details in Settings > Company Details / Company Address are also correct.

You will see a column in the companies tables in your database called origin_tax_data populate once the system is able to call the ziptax api.

Are you using the core basic or the geo basic plan? I tried this, and had the same issued until I upgraded to geo basic.



We are on an advanced plan due to our usage levels. This may explain it. Is the system working now?

not working yet, I need help, please


In the clients table, do you see the tax_data column there populating?