Issue with recurring invoices


I just checked today to see was a Recurring invoice sent. There is no record of the invoice being send in the History area and the Invoice itself doesnt seem to have been generated as it’s not appearing in ‘Invoices’. The date for the recurring invoice is correct so I was wondering could have a quick look at it for me ‘Recurring Invoice 0112’.

Update: On checking there are a lot of my recurring invoices marked as ‘Completed’ (not sure what completed means)



If it’s marked as completed it means the recurring invoice has finished sending the set number of invoices. This is determined by the remaining cycles setting.

They are all Endless invoices marked as completed. There seems to be a lot which means that these clients didnt get the invoices.

@david do you have any thoughts?


I am assuming these recurring invoices were migrated from v4? If you send us an email to we can reactivate these.

Hi, they may have been yes. I just sent you an email.

I have put two invoices ready in recurring for somewhat 3 hours ago:

Screen: Screenshot by Lightshot

How can I now send it?

There used to be an option ‘rechnung versenden’ (send invoice).

But that option is gone.

See: Screenshot by Lightshot

Or do I just have to wait ?