Issue with Mail Delivery in Self-hosted Mode Using Laravel Sail


I am currently trying to configure Invoice Ninja in the self-hosted mode for development, utilizing Laravel Sail as the foundation. However, I am encountering an issue related to email delivery.

Initially, I suspected that MailHog (Mailpit) might be the cause, but when I switched to for testing, the problem persisted. It appears neither MailHog nor Mailtrap are functioning as expected.

To further investigate, I executed a test from Tinker within my installation:

Psy Shell v0.11.18 (PHP 8.2.6 — cli) by Justin Hileman
> Mail::raw('This is a test email', function ($message) {$message->to('')->subject('Test email');});
= Illuminate\Mail\SentMessage {#8424}

The test was successful for both MailHog and Mailtrap, and I could see the sent messages.

However, when I try to send an invoice, it never gets delivered. Strangely, there are no error logs or any sort of feedback to help me pinpoint the issue.

Any assistance or insights you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


Have you checked the system logs tab on the dashboard, it may show an error

Hi, thanks for the help.

But in the logs from to the app, if I haven’t made the wrong menu, nothing appears.

But I have seen that the nature of the error, with the developer tools, is that the site is calling the site from which I obtained the database.

I have tried to look for the subdomain name string, in a database dump, in the app files, and I can’t find anything. By not finding it I feel frustrated again.

A lot of thanks in advanced

@david do you have any suggestions?

not sure, do you have trusted_proxies=*


A problem is that I migrate my data from the production server instead of working with demo data.

Error for me.

But I don’t understand why there’s a call to the original site.

  • try to find it in all files.
  • try to find it in mysqldump

Any results.

Thanks for your time.