Issue Integrating Payment with Zapier

Dear All,
I use to have a nice integration on V4. when I would add a payment on an invoice in IN, It would automatically generate an order on my shopify platform, send mails Etc…

With V5 so far it seems like Zapier have a hard time pulling informations from IN ( new payments, new clients, new invoice,…).

For exemple : I’ve created a new payment ( attached image) but zapier can only find the 3 oldest payments recorded on IN. Not the freshest ones. ( yes i’ve clicked on load more but Zapier can’t find more than the 3 oldest ones )

IS there anything i can do to fix that ?

Thanks =)


Is it possible you’re using the v4 version.

To use the v5 version you need to click the button labeled “Accept invite & build a Zap” on this page:

Then search for our app by the full name “invoice ninja”. You should see a number of options to choose from, you want to select the latest v5 version.

I’m using the V5 version of IN module on Zapier :confused:
I’ve been trying with a few of the latest version to make sure ( 5.0.9…5.0.16 ) but i got the same results :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Have you tried testing the trigger by creating a new payment in the app?

Yes just did one more now and Zapier can only pull my oldest payments :worried:

The screenshot shows the test record used to map the fields.

When you create a new payment with the Zap live what info do you see in the data in/out section of the Zapier logs.

It seems like its not possible to connect a Payment to an invoice anymore.

When I put New payment in IN as a trigger - The data collected doesn’t show the invoice number ( only invoice ID ).
Hence when my second step is find the invoice I can’t fill the required field " Invoice number "

In v5 a payment can be linked to multiple invoices.

One solution would be to add a search step to look up the invoice using the id.

@david can we have the webhook automatically include the invoices with the payment?

I’ve been trying to set the search step but the only way to find the invoice is with Invoice number

i’ve updated this on the create payment webhook.

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Sounds Awesome. Could you please just let me know what i’m supposed to do to use this modification ?

I’ve refreshed the webhook as well as created new payments to test the availability of the Invoice number on datas fetched from new payment trigger.
I didn’t find a new invoice number line. Is this what you went for ?

Hi Hillel, Could you please just let me know how i’m supposed to see the modifications made by David to the payment webhook ?

I would be very grateful,

I think you would need to wait for the changes to be pushed to production, when you have a chance please try again to see if it’s improved.

Dear Hillel,
I see a new version of IN is available on Zapier but I still can’t fetch Invoice number from " New payment " trigger.
Has it already been implemented ?
Any help with this would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Just to keep you updated on my progress.
This is the major issue :
Even When i search an invoice with its number
Zapier retrieve datas from another invoice !

Please help

Thanks for reporting this, we’ll try to include a fix in the next Zapier release.

I’m having this same issue after swapping from v4. I really need to be able to trigger off payment. Is my only option right now to remove my redirect URL from v4 and go back to v4?

I believe the payment change will be included in the next release within a few days.