Issue creating invoice with tasks

I have a tasks that are asigned to projects that I need to bill to clients. When ever I select the tasks I want to invoice by checking the box and then I click invoice at the top. When I do this it takes me to the invoice page but it doesn’t actually generate the physical PDF invoice at the bottom on the invoice page. This issue only happens with tasks being billed. Reoccuring invoices generate correctly, if I create an invoice the PDF at the bottom is generated correctly. Its only when I create an invoice with tasks.

If I create an invoice with the tasks even through the physical invoice isn’t created, the tasks are marked at invoiced.

Are you using a custom design/does using a standard design help?

Its really weird if I change invoice themes, some it renders the invoice and sometimes it doesn’t.

I modified copied and customized the clean theme and that custom theme also don’t work. However, like I said sometime the standard themes work and sometimes they don’t. Its really weird.

I fixed the issue… In settings if you go to design, I found two custom fields located under product fields > tasks. I deleted these two field since I don’t use them and then all the themes started working correctly.