Is v5 ready for production?

What is the current status - FEB 2021 - of InvoiceNinja v5? Had a look around in the forum and most often v5 is described as being still in beta.
On official blog - v5 is described as RC2.
I want to start with InvoiceNinja right now - and it seems the feature set of current v5 is all I need.
Is it save to go with v5? I don’t need the customer portal right now - so it is for internal use only, but should be stable and update save.

Ah, seems it is stable release: New beta release is available


We’re close to stable but v5 is still ‘beta’

Thanx @hillel for your reply. But, now I am a little bit confused …
In the other issue (I linked above) you said that invoice ninja is currently “stable release candidate”. If it instead still beta - can you give us a little bit information about what this means regarding using v5 already in production.
Is is stable enough with the already implemented functions?
Is it upgrade save - or will final release break a current installed v5?
In which can it be used - in which not?

Would be great to hear your opinion :wink:

It’s still a release candidate, if you want to avoid any problems I suggest waiting for the official stable release.

good morning hillel, I hoped to get some more feedback so I can do the decission :wink: Any chance?

Sorry, same answer for now…