Is there a way to let Users see their subset of Clients?


I see that all Users are able to see all Clients (including those that is not tagged to them). May I know if this is by design?

I will like to know if there is a way to let Users see their subset of Clients? The scenario is as follow:

  • Each User can have 1 or more Clients
  • When a User create a Client, only the User (+ Admins) can see
  • If Admin created a Client without tagging any User, no Users can see the Client

The intention is to Group the Clients to be visible only by a specific User.

Currently in each Client, there is a Group and User function. Assigning Group and User in the Client does not seem to do anything to the Client view by the User. Each User still sees all Clients regardless if it is tagged.

I am curious to know if this functionality could be implemented in the future roadmap?

Thank you.


It would depend on the user’s permissions, if they have the ‘View’ permission they will be able to see all records.