Is there a way to group "Products" by client

We’re a cleaning company, so our “Product” is janitorial services. For most clients, our invoice line item description is simply “Janitorial Services - MONTH YEAR”, and each client has a different price due to the needs of their location. Some clients have multiple locations. We have been using “Products” as a way to define our Services for each client, but this means scrolling through the entire master list of Products when creating a new invoice for a client, when only a handful of the Products in that list are applicable to that particular client. Is there a way to restrict Products to certain clients or maybe just have Product groups where each client has their own folder with their products?


One workaround may be to include the client name in the product key Tom make the list easier to filter.

You can then remove the product key from the included columns on the PDF on Settings > Invoice Design > Product Columns.