Is there a way to give project/task a fixed budget/flat fee?

self-hosting v4.5.14

I have just started using InvoiceNinja and looking forward to use it. I am also looking into purchasing a white label license if this fulfills my requirements.
One of the most important requirements I have is as described in the title. I provide a few services which have a flat rate based on other calculations, not the time. I searched google and the forum to find an answer but was not able to.
Please let me know if this will be possible to do in InvoiceNinja. Both on project and task level if possible. Will eagerly wait for your response.
Thank you.


You can set a project’s budgeted number of hours.

Thank you so very much for your response. I have tried doing that (adding budgeted hours with rate so that hours * rate = the total I want), but unfortunately in the invoice, I can not find a way to have that. It just shows the rate, not the budget hours. Will I have to add that part manually? Please confirm.
Thank you so very much.