Is there a log of sent reminder emails?

I am wondering if there is an activity log of reminder emails that are sent by the system? (Eg. Daily endless reminders).

Should these show up under Dashboard > Activity?

Also, at what time of the day are reminder emails sent and is this changable?


I believe these should be visible under the activity tab on the dashboard and for the clent. You can also add additional columns to the invoice table to see the sent dates.

You can set the send time on Settings > Email Settings.

I have set endless reminders to “Daily” and the first three reminders have already been sent for a particular invoice manually. I am not seeing anything in activity indicating that the system is sending out the daily endless reminder.

Are you certain the activity of reminder emails sent by the system automatically will show up here or is there a bug we might be looking at here?

I need a way to confirm that the reminders are being sent daily because I can’t see any evidence in invoice ninja that it’s actually occurring.

Also checked the activity for the client and the only activity is things I’ve done manually…?

I’m also not seeing a “next send date” for this particular invoice.


Can you advise the schedule you have for your reminders? I believe manually sending reminder templates won’t actually modify the actual reminder scheduling…

My schedule is as follows:

First reminder, 1 day before the due date
Second reminder, 3 days after the due date
Third reminder, 7 days after the due date
Endless reminder, daily.

With this particular invoice, prior to enabling reminder scheduling just recently I had been manually sending out the reminder emails. After enabling the above schedule now, it can be noticed the invoice doesn’t have a “next send date” even though daily endless reminders are enabled.

Any ideas?

It seems there is some form of a bug here when possibly something to do with the following applies:

  • An invoice is created before scheduled reminder emails are enabled.
  • Manual reminder emails are sent before scheduled reminder emails are enabled, causing an issue with scheduling when enabled.

Also while doing some testing with all of this, I received this error a few times:

Not entirely sure what caused it.


You’ll want to inspect the browser console to see which URL produced the 404, let us know.

In regards to the original question, I wasn’t able to reproduce this issue. Just some explanation about the reminder scheduling.

Manual sending reminders does not stop the actual sending of reminders ie. if you manually send reminder 1, reminder 1 will still send on its schedule.

Each time the invoice is saved, the system will go through and check the state of the configured reminders and update the next send date.

Endless reminders only ever fire if the previously configured reminders have fired. It sounds like this is what is happening in your scenario.