Is there a easy way to delete a company?

Under “manage companies” I can “unlink” a company from my current account (self-hosted), but I cannot delete the company. It is still in the database, and the user can still log in there.

So how do I remove a company completely?
Is there ad “admin” interface for unlinked accounts? Because I never find them again :wink:

You can delete a company on the “Import/Export” page.

You should be able to reset the password of the user for the unlinked account to access it.

You mean the “Cancel Account”? This removes the company? Ok, understand…
This would be nice too in the “manage companies” page as well, if you want I could try to add that?

Thanks for offering but I wouldn’t suggest working on this feature as it will likely change in the near future.

Ah ok. Just ATM, deleting a ghost account is not possible if it was already unlinked, because you can’t login with a NULL username.
But that’s not really a big problem. I can delete users and ghost accounts using the database.