Is there a client (or invoice) field that reveals client's currency?

I’m trying to find a way to only show the currency in the Total of the invoice, as opposed to every instance of a price value. If I disable displaying “NZD” for example, and opt for just “$”, there’s no way to show an invoice is in US $, or NZ $, etc.

So I was thinking I could edit the invoice template to put the client’s currency in front of the final total on the invoice. But I don’t see this field in the list of available fields.

Is there a field for this? Something like, $client.currency (which I’ve tested, so I know that’s not going to work).

If not, can I suggest this as a feature?

(by the way, is the forum the best place to make such suggestions, or Github?)

For now, a possible way around this, is that I’ll set up a custom field for clients, and then make a point of entering their currency into that field, and then putting a note regarding their currency into the footer of the invoice template (and any other templates I might use … quotes, etc.).

I’d like to put a note like, This invoice is in $client.custom1 (e.g., “This invoice is in USD”).

Is there the means to do an If Then statement in the template designer, so I can first test if $client.custom1 is not null, and only display This invoice is in ... when $client.custom1 has a value in it?

$invoice.custom1 is available ? this should do what you want?

But creating custom values is fairly trivial now in V5, so we can create $client.currency… the question would be what should this label produce? USD, $, etc etc.

@david — Yes, once the issue I raised here is closed, they will be. I understand you’ve said that will go through tonight. So, yes it will do what I want (which is why I’m using it for now) but this does mean having to set the client’s currency in two locations rather than just the one default one.

In terms of what data to populate it with:
I would suggest it should always be whatever the standard three letter denominator is. USD, CAD, NZD, EUR, GBP, etc. I can’t see a used for having $ or in the $client.currency or $invoice.currency field, as that symbol will already be in the various currency values on the invoice, as per however the merchant has set that for their installation.

I suppose if people throught there might be a use for it, there could also be a $client.currency_symbol (and or $invoice.currency_symbol) field too. Which would produce the appropriate symbol (e.g., $, £, €, etc.). Personally I’d have no use for that.