Is it possible to include a country field when paying with Stripe?

As per the attached, there is no option to include a country when people make a payment…

The billing adress doesn’t include/require the country field when editing the settings…

Is it possible to change this anywhere in the settings?


Thanks for reporting this!

cc @david @ben


Thanks looks like a bug, i’ll have a look into this and check a fix in.

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Any news on this @david ?

It would be great to have if you’re working in an international context…


I think the issue is we are setting the company country as the default client country which is why the selector is not showing. Need to think on this.

Ok, thank you for sharing this…


I have a fix for this in the next release.

At the moment the system will not show fields if they have been filled. To prevent edge cases, if the Billing Address is selected as a required field, then this will appear regardless of whether there is data present for the address. This will fix all the issues, and get the country selector to also display.

Great, thank you, I’ll take a look next week which I guess will be enough time for the next release?


Yes, we release every Sunday.

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