Is it possible to have different types of invoices ?

In Greece there are different types of invoices with seperate numbering.
There are different invoices for sales of goods and different for services, with different numbering for each type.
Additionally you can have retail invoices and invoices for businesses.
Is that possible in invoiceninja?
To have different types of invoices with different numbering?
If yes, how can i set this ?

Thank you

We don’t support this natively, you may be able to accomplish it by manually setting the invoice numbers.

But the different invoice types ?

Maybe you could use a custom invoice field?

Custom invoice fields look good.

But Hillel, can one create new invoice designs? I’m looking for this as well, I noticed that invoice designs are stored in the database. Would it be safe (and would it work) to create a new invoice design record to create customized layouts? How would that work in case of an upgrade?

You can customize the design on /settings/customize_design

Adding records to the database would also require code changes which would cause problems when updating.

The different types of invoices is critical to a lot of people. I think it is something that you should look into for the nexr releaases.

Which types are required in your country?

@hillel I know I can, but I would like to CREATE new designs.

  1. Invoices for selling goods to companies or freelancers with VAT number (where you have items, price per item, totals etc)
  2. Invoices for providing services to companies or freelancers with VAT number (where there are no items only the description of the services)
  3. Retail invoices for selling goods where the details of the buyer are not necessary (like from a cash register)
  4. Retail invoices for providing services where the details of the buyer are not necessary (like from a cash register).

Thanks, we’ll keep this in mind.

If you incoprporate this i can start using invoiceninja and i promise to keep translating it to Greek for ever :slight_smile:

As for #4 @ysintos, wouldn’t it be better if you used a point-of-sale system?

@denisgomes, #4 is very rare actually, and most of the times it can be incorporated into #3.

Any news about the Invoice Types??
I would like also to use this if it is possible.
Thank you!

Also for me the Invoice Types