iOS app for self-hosted


I’ve just installed the self-hosted installation through Installatron.
Everything works fine, and the white labeled option works like a charm.
After downloading the iOS app I just can’t to seem to find the option to buy the self-hosted linking.

I added the API_SECRET to the .env file, but still no change.
The “Error connecting to API” message keeps appearing. Am I missing something?

Oh, and the URL of the API is supposed to be /api/v1, right?

Thanks guys!

Hi Wiven,

on the login screen there should be an orange button which says setting which you can use to enter your URL

No need to append api/v1 on the URL, just put in the base URL.


I tried, but I can’t even connect. iOS error message
Where is the in-app purchase to unlock this?
I think that’s the issue.

Thanks in advance!

Same issue, no place to access the in APP Purchase

I think I’m having the same problem here. Both iOS app and web app up to date. API_SECRET set. When trying to login I get this:
Link to screenshot in Dropbox
What am I missing?