invoicing task items summarize instead of details

Hi I am logging my time each day for each client
so on a day i can have multiple rows for clients
fe 08:00 - 10:00 task1 client1
10:00 - 12:00n task 2 client 2
13:00-16:00 task 1 client 1

when creating invoice for client a i only want to see the total for each different task
so client A

  • type A : 5 hours

now i see 2 lines for each records

is this possible ?

By default the app adds the time details, you can remove them in the invoice item description.

We don’t currently have a way to change the behavior, you’d need to self host and modify the code.

can this be a feature request ?
I think a lot of freelancers need this feature.

so option to sum all hours for a task

Sorry for next question`
how can we remove the start and end hour of a task in the invoice ?

The sum is shown in the ‘Hours’ column, I’m not sure about showing it twice instead of the details.

On an unrelated topic… what would you think about us adding a Kanban board to help manage tasks.

that’s a goog idea i use kanban in my development work in my TFS online dashboard.

Question now i see under description the start and end hour. How can i remove it from the description ?

You just need to manually edit the invoice line item details, if you click the textarea it will expand.