Invoicing is clunky

I don’t understand the workflow in 5.3.81-A78. What ever happened to the add task to invoice button?
Deleting an invoice draft, creating a project, adding the project to all of the tasks, and then invoicing the project is cumbersome.

Why is my description all crammed together instead of being formatted the way I typed it? Browser can’t spell chcek it either?

Why are the time stamps bold and double spaced?

Sorry for so many questions in one post and I appreciate the help.


The add task to invoice button is missing due to a bug, it will be added back in the next version. Until then you can add tasks to an invoice by clicking the + in the lower right corner of the invoice edit screen.

Spell check will be supported in the new version of the v5 webapp we’re currently developing.

Not sure about the timestamps, can you post a screenshot?

I never noticed that the + sign on the bottom right will grab existing tasks too. That is a big help, thanks!

I can’t find any saved invoices from v4 but the time stamps used to be in a smaller font, grey, and single spaced. v5 draws your eyes to the bold time stamps instead of the service description.

Understood, we’ll try to improve it

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I can now invoice multiple tasks in one shot. Multiple tasks with several time stamps now fit on a single page of an invoice. It used to push the balances on the bottom to a new page no matter what I did. So cool. Thanks for fixing it!

Glad to hear it, thanks for the feedback and update!