Invoices viewed on mobile devices have no pdf downloads

I have the client portal turned off. When I send a link to an invoice or estimate, on desktop browesers there is a print and download link on the viewer. On mobile, this is not present on chrome or safari.

We need a link on that page to download the PDF.

Also, the display is terrible and the pdf invoice does not scale to the screen, not responsive.


@david any thoughts?


I am working on this now actually to improve how the application handle mobile devices. We’ll be adding an option to view a html invoice optimized for mobile with the option to download the PDF.

Currently, on mobile if you use the three dot icon, this should allow access to the PDF directly also.

tapping the three dots only allows to “open in new tab”

when can we expect this update?


I am working to get this into the next release this coming Sunday.


This will be the new look in the next release:

Content will adjust depending on the device/viewport which will provide a much better experience.

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looks great! cnt wait for this, good job :slight_smile: