Invoices / payments with variables

Encountered an issue where payments applied to invoices that contain variables actually use the invoice variables on the payment receipt.

Invoice created from recurring invoice and issued: 08/23/2021 with the following product description:

### :MONTH 22 :YEAR - :MONTH+1 22 :YEAR

Which translated to “August 22 2021 - September 22 2021” on the generated invoice sent to the client.

Payment applied to the invoice today, payment notification to client has PDF attached, PDF shows correct invoice number but the product description shows:

“September 22 2021 - October 22 2021”

When I look at the invoice it shows paid, however, the variables are still in the description. In the past, on v4, the variables would have been replaced with the values at the time the invoice was sent.

Guessing the payments are also interpreting the variables at payment time - can we fix that?

@david any thoughts on this?


Thanks for reporting this, I’ve checked a fix in.

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