Invoices not being sent


Recently installed Invoice Ninja, after the invoices is created and saved, clicking the “email invoice” button displays a notification which states that the invoice has been successfully sent, however no emails have been received. The reminder emails were sent as well to test and those have not been received at the designated emails either.

Please advise.


Do you have QUEUE_DRIVER set in the .env file?

Hi Hillel,

Thank you for your prompt response. You will have to forgive my ignorance as i have no idea what it is you are speaking about. This was installed through softaculous and put in use as is. It’s a great piece of software by the way!

Can you check that the email settings are correct on /settings/system_settings

It’ll be even better when it works :slight_smile:

Well it would have been helpful if this section was filled out in the first place :S …Everything works great thanks for your help!